Why IT Needs to be Reinvented

Ten years ago, the big question of the day was “how to build a website.” Over time, the pressing question became “how to get systems ‘talking’ to each other.” Now, the question du jour is “How do I create and manage a comprehensive digital strategy?”

While the earlier, fundamental questions are still asked, there is a shift toward thinking about technology in more strategic terms. Associations are realizing the need for a digital plan led by senior management to enhance operations and strengthen relationships.

.orgSource is leading and contributing to this digital strategy dialogue.

“Tailoring Technology for the C-Suite” was the topic for the Aug. 20 Association Forum of Chicagoland’s Information Technology Shared Interest Group, of which .orgSource Consulting Partner Kevin Ordonez is vice chair. At this program, participants learned how social media, mobile devices and cloud computing are changing data analysis, marketing, security and the role of IT departments—and the opportunities, challenges and decisions these changes present to the C-Suite. The session also covered how to get C-Suite executives engaged and evaluating solutions strategically. Access a copy of the presentation by joining .orgCommunity at www.orgcommunity.com.

On Dec. 15, the next Information Technology SIG meeting will be held at Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase event in conjunction with the Governance Shared Interest Group to explore “Why Data Governance Should Be at the Top of Your Organization’s Priority List.” IT and governance leaders from the American Hospital Association, American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) and the Institute of Food Technologists will discuss how they’ve rose to the enterprise data management challenge and established a data governance structure, developed policies and guidelines, as well as defined the necessary roles, responsibilities and accountability to support such a structure. Attend this meeting and discover how to create consistent and proper handling of data across your organization.

Also on Dec. 15, .orgSource’s President Sherry Budziak and Consulting Partner Kevin Ordonez will lead the Holiday Showcase session with Shelly Lamb, IT Director at the American Veterinary Medical Association, “Don’t Let Digital Disruption Sink Your Ship!” Structuring resources and rethinking processes are necessary to reinvent traditional IT and to bring about the digital transformation that gives life to strategic plans. This interactive session will review the components of a digital transformation that provides powerful, impactful change.

If you are unable to attend this session at Holiday Showcase, the .orgCommunity will be providing a similar presentation as a FREE webinar on January 27th. Contact us at findus@orgcommunity.com to be sure you reserve your space.

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. Continue to follow .orgSource and join the .orgCommunity for the latest on tech trends and relevant resources required to improve your business.

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