Make .orgCommunity Your Peer to Peer Network

Being involved with a cause has always been a passion of mine. Since I was a young teenager, I wanted to become an Executive Director of a 501c3. In middle school, high school and college I was President of Students Against Drunk Driving, Drug Awareness program and served on any other cause related group that I could. During my time at college, I volunteered for organizations such as Christmas in July, AIDS Awareness, Rape Prevention, VU’s Health Wellness program and other meaningful organizations.

However, the pathway for my career wasn’t a clear one. While I wanted to work for a social service organization and serve a cause, I wasn’t able to support myself financially in the Chicago area. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work with the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and was given a chance, by David Martin, CAE, who was extremely innovative, to work on one of the first association websites (yes, I know ages ago) which changed my career path for the better.

Fast forward in my journey 20 years later, I have had the privilege to serve numerous organizations and to help further their missions through .orgSource, my consulting business, for the past 10 years ( I am now in the position to be able to start another organization that can help advance associations and nonprofits through education, training, networking and online community. While the journey seems to have been a long one …. I believe this is my purpose and am committed helping others grow in their association careers and organizations.

.orgCommunity values the association of community as a shared goal as well as the commitment to sharing and networking. We are dedicated in providing these opportunities and experiences for our members.

As entrepreneurs in the association industry, we know what businesses (and associations) need to succeed by exploring and bringing innovation to the industry.

If you are a senior executive looking for ways to network, share and innovate and are willing to share successes and failures then this organization is for you! Visit us at or on Facebook at to join in the community.

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