Fulfilling My Passion!

I have dedicated my life to “nonprofit” work.

At 14, I began organizing and leading social service activities at school. I was the president of Students Against Drunk Driving, organized events and had a passion in supporting a cause.

In college (Valparaiso University), I continued to be involved in causes such as AIDS education, date rape education, Christmas in July which helped fix up homes in the area, etc. I worked for the student health center and hoped to work with a nonprofit and serve my community when I graduated.

This journey led me to the association industry. I was given an opportunity to work with the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. While it wasn’t a “social service”, I continued to enjoy supporting an industry that was dedicated to helping others.

I have had the honor of serving the association industry for the last 20 years and have committed my life to helping associations advance their missions. Through this journey, I have met incredibly wonderful people and have a robust network of friends in the industry.

While I have been lucky to have this journey, I wondered how I could share this experience and great people with others. There was no better way to do that than to formalize our network of great association leaders than to start .orgCommunity.

.orgCommunity is a network of experienced association and nonprofit executives who want to share, learn and help others grow both personally and professionally.

It has been an incredible journey. I am thankful for those who have coached me along the way and I hope through this organization we will be able to help others grow, learn, lead and advance the missions of their organizations!

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