Building Bridges Figuratively and Literally

As a mother, entrepreneur and consultant, I never know what my days will bring. Somehow I thrive on fixing IT messes, jumping in to fill staffing gaps and overall solving problems one day at a time.

Tuesdays are my busy “work from home” days with back to back calls starting at 8 am and ending with kids games starting at 4. Catching up from being out on Monday presenting at ISAE, Tuesday was extra crazy busy. After ensuring projects were on track, our next .orgCommunity meetings were promoted, etc. I headed to the soccer field. Excited I managed to get there on-time without still being on a conference call, I journeyed over to the field.

As you can see from the picture, there were originally a few little boards to step on to get over to the field. Well that is when the day changed. I slipped on the soft ground and into the water and mud. I looked like a mess and didn’t have time to go change if i was going to watch my daughters soccer game then my other daughters softball game. So there I was.

Later that night, I wrote the school…

“I am writing you today regarding the soccer field at South. As you are aware, there is a lot of water at the bottom of the hill that you need to walk through in order to get to the field. There is only a very small area of wood planks to walk on which is still half covered with water. I have been concerned that it isn’t safe for some time. Today when I went to the field, I walked on the two wooden planks then stretched to reach the grass which was muddy and soft, my foot slid due to the soft, muddy grass and I fell into the muddy water and onto my stomach. I hurt my knee and back, my shoes were soaked and I was a muddy mess.

 I don’t think it would be very difficult for someone to create a walkway to get to the field safely. The kids are carrying big backpacks with soccer equipment, etc. In addition, there would be no way an elderly person, someone with a kid in a stroller or anyone with minor difficulties walking could walk safely to the field.

 I hope that you will take a look at the situation and try to find a way to resolve this issue.”

Well, after many years of complaints, my fall managed to get a bridge built in two days! “Building bridges” and helping others is easier than you might think. Remember today to build a bridge and not a barrier.


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