Create an Engaging Environment or Create Competition

Are you engaging members in a way to provide additional value to your organization or are you alienating them? Do you know who your most active and engaged vendors?  Do you know their participation with your organization?

Today more than ever, it is important to know who is passionate about your organization or cause! There are many ways for your members to easily create online networks, write blogs (to be seen as a knowledge expert), provide education and more…..

Unfortunately, today I personally was alienated from my primary membership organization. This organization sent me a threatening email to stop promoting which creates a venue for association professionals to engage with others in a different way. So I will stop engaging with that organization and they have now lost a top contributor, writer and volunteer for the organization. Additionally, they will lose members and supplier partner supporters who I have personally engaged to participate over the last 20 year

On the other hand, I have had GREAT experiences with other smaller professional organizations who have welcomed this new endeavor. By supporting these efforts, I have promoted their programs, membership and educational events.

Lesson learned for associations…..some of your members are very passionate about the industry they serve. Find a way to engage them, make them feel welcomed and invite them to contribute. It can provide great member value, help you enhance your brand and more importantly ensure that competition is not created for your organization.

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