The Customer (Not Content) is King

Content Is a Given

Your members expect content and knowledge from their professional organization. They expect that you are writing professional guidelines and they can find expert knowledge on topics relevant to the industry. But how do you get your content found and how do you differentiate yourself from the rest? Consider design and creating engaging experiences.

Creating Relationship with Content

Networking is the best marketing so why would this be different online? Engage people with your content online through communities, ability to comment and interact, rating, etc. Think about it…we purchase products our friends like, we tell our friends about great experiences – consider this as you create and improve your online content.

The Customer is King!

Content is king needs to be retired. Today, content is expected and the customer is king. With the oversaturated media and information availability, it is important to put the customer first.

5 things to consider:

  1. You only have a second to get someone’s attention online. In a brief second, your potential members will make an impression of you.
  2. On-demand services are expected. Make sure your online experience is easy.
  3. Create content your members can engage with. Enable them to comment, discuss and share your content.
  4. Video content continues to grow. Adult users now consume more an hour of online video each day. Consider creating short videos to post as stand alone videos or with your written content.
  5. Allow your members to share their content. Allow them to submit content in your members only communities or sites.

What is your organization doing to engage your members with your organizations content?

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