The .orgCommunity Differentiator Filling an Industry Need

This past Tuesday was a day of opportunity, validation, and lessons learned.

It began with delivering a session on digital disruption—how in the current age organizations need the right alignment of people, process and technology to rise above disruption and differentiate themselves. Excuses not to innovate and obstacles present at the turn of the century no longer exist. The cost to enter new markets is low, and the ability to use technology so constituents can easily engage with and purchase offerings is easy. Yet association are still challenged with achieving proper staffing, quick decisions on tools, an open culture, and a continual optimization of operations and offerings.

Everything today has a digital aspect to it. The distinction between an association’s business and technology strategy is gone. By using IT to its full potential, organizations can rapidly bring new ideas to market and close gaps. For organizations to experience success today, they must be agile, digitally-savvy and focused on the customer.

I listened to a keynote presentation in the early afternoon that struck a cord: In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish. I am passionate about helping associations join the pool of fast fish. And I’m proud, humble and excited about starting new venture focused on achieving just that.

On Tuesday evening, we celebrated the launch of the .orgCommunity ( I am grateful for the industry suppliers (Higher Logic, Davis Design Partners, Real Magnet, .orgSource, Allodi Designs, Sandstorm Design, Blue Bolt Partners, Fast Bar, ProTech and Analytics 8) that have faith in this endeavor, and have supported the .orgCommunity’s beginning. Moreover, I was emotionally overwhelmed with the support and encouragement of our colleagues, customers and friends.

Using the principles discussed during the digital disruption presentation, we created a company within 60 days. We targeted the right partners, made a small investment, and—most of all—took all the conversations we’ve been hearing and been a part of for years to create an organization that aims to provide a sense of belonging, a sense of community and a sense of purpose.

Join us as we create a new sense of community in the association management profession. Our members will drive our decisions to fulfill knowledge, networking and other gaps.

For more information, find us at

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