.orgCommunity – My Story

After more than 10 years of consulting and working with senior staff, we have identified what we felt was a major gap in the profession. I was once told by one of my a mentors….”the higher up you are in the organization, the less friends you have”. Understanding what this meant at an early age in my career, this has been on top of my mind. I felt I needed to help others who were advancing in their careers and spent many hours each day sharing information, mentoring, counseling, connecting people or sometimes just being a sounding board. As my network grew, it became difficult to provide support for all of our senior colleagues and friends in a personal way without sacrificing my business as the CEO and owner of .orgSource.

I also saw a need for associations and nonprofits to leverage technology, change their cultures and use social media to enhance their brands. It is important for me to help as many organizations as I  can create better experiences with their constituents and become more agile. We spend our days helping organizations understand how to digitally transform their organizations but we struggled bringing this knowledge to the masses. We noticed that organizations didn’t know about tools, resources and solutions that are available. We knew we could help organizations large and small fill gaps. With our network of digital solutions to the industry, we knew we could leverage this knowledge in a different way to help more organizations succeed.

So how could this need be filled? How could we help more staff and how could we share our knowledge from our consulting experience with more organizations. After a lot of thought and discussions with many senior executives, .orgCommunity was created.

We identified a way to use our connections, expertise and network to help more people advance their careers and decided to fill this gap by providing a place where people can share information in large groups, connect in smaller groups, and participate in online discussions.

Our passion for helping others in the profession led us to creating  .orgCommunity.

How Are We Different?

  • We create meaningful connections for senior-level staff through networking events, personal introductions, “pop up” luncheon topics, book clubs and other engaging activities.
  • We provide an education series focused on senior-level staff with networking opportunities in a safe, confidential environment
  • Agility—ability to produce sessions and resources on trending topics as, in comparison to association state societies and other “association of association” groups, .orgCommunity is without restrictive volunteer board politics, lengthy decisions through committee processes or brick-and-mortar limitations.

 What’s in it for Association Executives?

  • Discover technology and operational solutions to grow your organization and enhance member value
  • Discuss other pressing issues that keep you up at night in a safe environment
  • Expand your professional network
  • Enter a trusted, testing ground for your innovative ideas
  • Gain best practices from a community of accomplished professionals
  • Participate in like-minded learning and networking experiences you can’t get anywhere else
  • Trade benchmarking, best practices, business research, data, expertise and other insights in a collaborative environment
  • Get connected with thought leaders in the industry

Want More Information?

Contact Sherry at sherry@orgcommunity.com or Kevin at kevin@orgcommunity.com. 

Visit www.orgcommunity.com.

Sherry Budziak and Kevin Ordonez, association industry experts and visionary entrepreneurs, have a combined 50 years of experience serving the association management industry, and have grown and maintained their network of top association executives well into thousands of individuals. Both have started and successfully grown businesses as suppliers serving the association industry with backgrounds in communication, digital transformation, marketing, technology and leadership. They apply their expertise, creativity and innovation not only to advance the clients they serve but also the association industry at large. .orgCommunity is Sherry and Kevin’s latest big and breakthrough idea to engage the larger community.

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