What If You Could Learn From Others Stories and Experiences?

The .orgCommunity (www.orgcommunity.com) value is in its network.

We are a community of association leaders enriching each other’s lives through unique connections, experiences and a passion for the industry.

With more than 20 years each as association executives and supplier partners, I along with my managing partner, have cultivated a deep network and are now sharing this network of experienced association executives with others.  We bring together a broad, dynamic array of association executives, entrepreneurs, strategic partners, and service providers to help others connect with the right people at the right time.  People come to us because they know we will connect them with the right people and help them find the right solutions to help them with their jobs, find new ways to grow in their careers or just be with other like minded individuals.

Through our premier events and education, we learn through sharing stories and experiences.  This week after our great leadership educational program, conversations lasted another two hours. We shared career experience, discussed whether or not to get a masters or CAE, and much more.

The .orgCommunity is quickly becoming one of the most powerful and relevant networks in the association space. Where else can you be together in small groups, in a confidential setting with others who have shared a similar journey?

Our members include CEOs, CIOs, COOs, VPs, Directors from both small and large organizations.

Contact me to learn more about the .orgCommunity and how you can also get involved.

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