Power of Collaboration

Today’s association and nonprofit leaders are challenged with creating member and stakeholder value in a complex, interrelated and connected world. How can volunteer driven organizations edge out the competition, rise above disruptions, and remain relevant? The answer lies in the power of our peer to peer network, .orgCommunity.

My connections in the association industry has been of tremendous value to me and believe it has been of great value to my network! With a growing network of friends and colleagues, I thought…how could we provide this support to the association community in a much bigger way. This is how the .orgCommunity came to exist.

Our mission is to help association and nonprofit executives connect with the RIGHT people and solutions through peer to peer learning, executive education and online forums. We educate, inspire and offer invaluable resources that provide for personal and professional growth. .orgCommunity provides you the opportunity to be connected with a trusted network that is dedicated to helping leaders innovate and make their organizations GREAT.

Collaboration  and learning from others is the most effective force for achieving your goals today. .orgCommunity provides opportunities to gain knowledge from thought leaders, networking opportunities and collaboration both in our online forums and meet ups.

We believe we can help experienced nonprofit leaders who are seeking knowledge, a trusted peer network and resources to grow personally and professionally.

Join the most relevant force and voice shaping the industry TODAY! Find us at http://www.orgcommunity.com.

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