Illinois Society for Association Executives – Summer Session Recap

This week we attended the ISAE Summer Session. This year the event was held in Champaign, IL. The event started off with putt putt golf then a reception. Great networking and collaboration set the mood for the rest of the conference.

Day two started off with a food truck, meeting with the exhibitors and presentations on marketing and how to have a successful event. The speaker focused a lot on member service and the member experience at your events. The ISAE staff team created a great experience focusing on making sure everyone had a great time and in turn the members were doing the same thing. From suppliers helping us with purchasing our “Rock Star” outfits to late night partying with the President, it was a blast!

It was a great time, we made a lot of new friends, learned some new things, met some great partners and had lots of fun.

Check out the pictures on FB and consider joining ISAE.

Can’t wait until next year!

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